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up 2 d8 w/ da l8est

unwind cover art.png

out now.

visualz below

artist pc1.JPG
poster child cover art.JPG

"imma be a poster on the wall"


"trust me, heart kinda lovely

spark when i'm touching

face is a eight, my mind is a 20 

eyes 20/20,  f**k 2020...

imma be great really early in my 20's!"

i i w i i.PNG

"1, 2, 3, and to the 4...

i think i wan't you,

but then again i don't...

it's a push and a pull

get a grip, let it go"


"i'm waitin' on a moment

on a goddamn second.

waitin' on the day that i can 

count up all my blessings

waitin' on the day i find my peace (piece)

like it's hidin' under sinks

think i need to see a shrink

my mind a weapon."

TMO Cover.png

"got your career in a chokehold,

mangle the neck.

gotta change up the angle to strangle to death


take me in this life or take me out

take me in this life or take me out"

Take me out

"make me flip.. coin up in the air

i'm aware when you stare, i don't look familiar

better get up out my hair

hear my clique up in this b**, throw a fist

and get impaired

sit forever in a chair, i don't care.

since a kid i been a bear, even meaner than the snare

skip the pin and get a spare, lick a pair.

hit a lick and give a prayer

once i shift it into gear i'll become a millionaire."

disturbed tunecore cover peroiod.jpg

"when i walk in the party it's star-studded

all the background and even the stars want it

they all rush me to just be a part of it.

y'all been fishy so i been a shark in the water since

y'all heard my lines, knew it's only the

start up ship

y'all should be honored to just stand

across from this"


"one take away i have to say is

"takers" always gonna take if "giving's"

in your nature

i got to LA with a little paper

not in a mindset of just gettin' favors

eager to work i ran into a faker

bald headed b** really fat from the waist up

tell me he's changing my ways of life,

taking me way up

i was too young and mistaken "

quick sesh cover art.png

"a wise person once told me...

"no one smiles bigger than a person who just 

got their braces off"


"if i say it out loud i obtain and i gain

an allowance of things so i'm shouting my name

til it rings in the ears of the king

i was born to be prominent

born to raise hell with an angelic armor,

until i remain in a coffin

i'm giving you all of my heart in this

promises, promises, promises..." 

Moscato Cover Art .jpg

"i'm gettin' ready for the high life

memories lookin' like a highlight

big chillin' off a dead tree

gettin' high in the twilight


"gold drink, i'm sippin that moscato yellowtail

feelin fancier than hell.

glass half full so i drink it, then refill

optimistic visions cause i'm seein' so clear

good grief.png

"is heaven really up there past the outer space?

is it too far for me to see you when i lay?

i see the stars, but i can't tell if they are fake

what's real to me could be gone..

without a trace.

good grief

"have i shown my true colors?

blue skies, dark mind, bright summers

i don't tell white lies and those brown eyes aren't

from my mother.

when those blues arrive that "red" anger gon' be

my cover.

i wan't my money like my women, green, just like Kehlani (:

 i wan't her cheeks rosey, her purse pink

and them lips glossy.

i want a heart of gold when i'm a silver fox

i know my life ain't dull, i color outside the box. 

revelation cover .jpg

"we in revelation, not a revolution

might be the final chapter

i've come to this conclusion.

put my hands together and make 

a couple last ditch efforts 

before my last days.


"i lack a lot of info, but i've observed 

like i look through windows

i'm seein' clear as day

a slow approach to a jolting end, oh

i promise we not gonna make it,

this whole generation smokin' endo

stuck in a basement high as the cost of livin'

pay the bills though... 

g rated cover.jpg

"todays kids glued to the tv

brain gettin' fed to the screen

feast like a zombie in the late evening

now we raised by machines.

no more late night stories

readin' books before the Z's

learnin' abc's from the keys 

now we stay woke, no sleep


"next generation gon' be petrified

cause todays society is lookin' like a genocide

apocalypse one second away 

they say we jeopardized and we just need to cover our face

to live a healthy life. how about some exercise?

alien invasion comin' soon, been kept in waiting

news anchor f**kin' sayin'

according to our calculations this nation's

kept a couple secretes,

ET gettin' studied in our own basement. 

f**kin' simulation


"i'm gon' take that head off like a guillotine

imma take these p***'s out this s**t like a

lyrical hysterectomy.

sometimes i get graphic painting vivid scenes

if the call for action or duty should call my name

then imma turn marine

he's pissed

"trust... always got instincts

imma trust my gut when i feel it sink.

wanna drop to the lowest rock bottom with me?

just to make that climb more epic

just to make that s**t more sweet

remember all the lowest points, the climax gon' mean everything

rocky mountain high, tip top at the f**n' peak.

butterfly cover art.jpg

"caterpillar climb away, climbing pillars so

my caccon can be as high as me

(gettin' so high, we gettin so high)

soon a butterfly gon' fly away.

please let me spread my wings before i die

i must.


"i get emotional 

i get up in the morning and i read devotionals.

is there a difference between loneliness 

and solitude?

like a choreographer, baby you know i'm 

always plottin' moves.

tryna reach full potential,

wingspan reaching goals easy man 

feel like Dikembe Mutombo

you can not reach through a window

oppurtunity closes quick, i feel the breeze

through all these instrumentals" 


"winter comes and spring blooms

pain comes, love flows, we rise again

time is time right?

right, kings and queens. royalty seeks us out

with every breath i know you can make it.

i see the light in your eyes

free your mind and you'll see.

kings & queens

"open up your heart before the casket opens

bask in those precious folks and 

precious moments. pedals thrown before 

they ghostin'

let the kings and queens know they glowin'

you got a crowd of people.

crown the king

shout and scream

 loud and sing

like we at a steeple.

freak show cover.jpg

"aye, what you doin' with your life,

in the day, in the night?

am i right? am i left for the dead?

maybe i should've just went to bed,

went sleep. now i'm always caught up dreamin'

look at me,

on the streets at 2 am! this night will never end 

how does gettin' higher make me more the 

devils friend?

freak show

"do you finally feel uncaged?

are you who you wanna be?

are you putting on a face? 

do you wear a mask like Jason

and carry round a blade?

are you anything but sane?

are you freaky are you lame?

are you game if i've got ouija boards at home

beneath the tv will you play?

Jesus Piece Below My Third Eye cover art.jpg

"i can't wait to see what HE brings

you know i love a good surprise

wishin' for a little bling

Jesus piece hangs a foot below my third eye.

ain't nothing more promising

then me pullin' up clean to a curb side.

retro Jordan's on my big feet, 

ripped jeans, Jesus piece below my third eye. 

jesus piece below my third eye

"i am relaying a message that we can all 

benefit from, trust it's only for betterment.

don't wanna reminisce only bout bad times

and sad rhymes. we need apprenticeship,

we need a leader, we need a teacher,

we need a president. needs to be heaven sent.

soon we'll be remnants, 

give your pets a kiss, a quick goodbye.

good times is what we all tend to miss.


"off the dome

off the top of the head we at the gallows 

chop, chop, choppin' it up with me kissin' non-stop

opposites attract cause I'm a spitter and you swallow

I been wearin' crocs rockin' tucked socks people

stop they walkin' just so they can come and check out my apparel" 

curb stomp

"I've got an obsession with what is forbidden

I got an obsession with winning

obsessed over holding the pen in the palm of my hand when I'm gripping it, feeling the riddlin


really intense and I'm sentiment. wholesome but also I'm villainous.

if my ending result isn't eminent prominent prince that's establishing dominance

promise I'll kill a b***"

Cinderella Cover Art.png

"she ain't no Cinderella 

more like her bitchy sisters

oh but she still a princess, she get it from her mama

you got the whole family picture, she hardly knew her father. she got the daddy issues 

skeletons in her closet"


"I am the one that has all of the might 

I'm gonna make it no maybe, no might 

I am THE ONE, the author, Arthur 

I pulled the sword from the rock of Gibraltar 

f*** being king I'm taking his daughter 

we fall in love get lost at the altar

I am a prophet, I'm not tryna profit off her

I got so much I can offer

shake on me cover art.PNG

"I haven’t felt this way in a long time girl

for the one time girl shake up my world

I wanna feel some, I wanna heal some 

if it’s real love shake up my world"

shake on me

"she just wanna make it shake on me

promise that she’ll never shake on me 

chain me down and put the shackles on me no

way "

deja vu cover art 1 PNG.png

"it’s taking way too motherfuckin long for me to

get to the point 

the point i wanna be at

can’t relax til i stack 33 plaques 

seen a vision where I sleep back home

no screens tv black, no speakers on

talking to myself probably lookin like a relapsed 

i be alone to practice these crafts "

Deja vu

"your dreaming reality really, it’s astonishing

to go to sleep and dream bout what tomorrow brings

a whole lot of things dollars, bling, watches or a pot and seeds. imma plant a dollar tree

catch shade and nickname myself lottery

fortuneteller shit no hypotheses"

"this like death of auto tune

need a moment of silence

every time I gotta kill another thought of you "

moment of silence

"you got faith, well I got planz

to get on the boards like Rodman

billboard, top ten.

being me is staying on brand 

I'm bringing heat like a Glock in my hot hand

pop pop, im comin thru if you got plots

then I'm all in. "

"up and down that 101 gon take me

north and south that 101 won't save me

take me to the grave 

I'm tryna take it day by day 

I'll go away but I know how to get back."

low low

"might spend this life just tryna level up from window shopping 

take my chances, story could get sketch 

at least I'm in the drawing. 

pen to paper, jot down this potty mouth

doin something major."

Low Low Official Cover Art .jpg

"God pull a few strings you my Gepetto

drop to my knees, scream 

u see my tryna let go

he don't hear my pleas, no replies

just my echos.

while I'm on this earth show me love yo XO"


"don't you know all of our leaders are weak

what can I say? f@$k being sheep.

when do we ever see actual change

might as well come out and laugh on our face.

who want the smoke? throw out the vape

where is our hero?

no one in capes. "

XO cover .png

"I'm telling you exactly what it is tho

soon I'll have money for the kinfolk

bill fold big, f@$kin' tenfold 

don't got time for a center fold."

aston raps

"all the sudden people wanna be you when 

they see you living lavish

bastards, who might wanna see you in a casket

please keep the shooting at the basket.


aston rap cover jpg-ImResizer.jpg

"I used to have a lot of people I'd wanna please

a couple I'd really wanna make proud

cared about who's toes I would step on

but I was taught to never look down.

now I walk round town so sure footed

I stepped up when they for sure couldn't

I'm regretting not a second of work that I put in

could only fall if someone close to me doin the pushin "

basket case

"give a damn about a past life

I'm alive right now

so imma dance passed midnight

bust moves in low light

future look so bright 

I won't be a has been (no way)

its my way or the casket (aye)

imma basket case."

basket case ffoicial cover art.jpg

"I only flatter the best, somebody told me that flatteries dead.. or maybe it's chivalry

knew right away you were into me

taking more shots than an infantry 

give me the look.. imagery

ask where I'm from, Tennessee."

It's Over

"heaven sent but I hell seek

I could grant a wish if I just speak 

who is my hero if only ME and help ME

hmmmm.. maybe LT

running through life and nobody gon' get me

kid got big can't fit in a selfie

rich as a bitch his chick got the LV

thick duck lips my kids on her belly 

no elementary, my maturity empty."

its over cover art.jpg

"putting words in her mouth, acting like a puppeteer, nobody been coming near

thinking I'm attached and that's my biggest fear

telling me that anybody else can get you close to where I got you simply isn't true and isn't fair

if I am a stepping stone for you at least you know that imma get you there. "

Show Up

show up cover art jpg.jpg

"I know you lovin this..

there's no one else its a wall that you up against.

and you just gotta show up 

ain't no way we can't show off when we together everybody go nuts."

"who is proud of me?

who is doubtful?

in disbeleif when you disappointed about who's around you.

who been mooching off you?

who knew your value?

growing apart is hard when you're too attached to somebody you love."

Just be honest

"tryna find the wave, wait until the high tide

imma find a bae (bay) to anchor down to my side

imma find a way to make it before I die

being praised and being hated is a fine line

get too much of either side you lose your right mind."

be honest cover 1.png

"I'm speaking the truth and I speak from the heart

now we in the deep cuts and I'm leaving a scar 

imma keep the shit rolling leave the keys in the car

when I leave my shades on I can't see in the dark

such a know it all I catch my ass preaching to God

like good Lord how these people not believe in the sauce I'm lit, shit - and im keeping it raw 

these salty bitches aint seasoned at all."


"I'm too important 

go 'head getcha camera and record it

you the one that isn't living in the moment

when you taking pics on your Kodak

and you know that"

kodak official cover art.jpg

"All the guilt, all the pain that I keep

All the greed, all the cheap shots fuckin' up my sleep can you please not

You got places you could be please stop

I got 99 problems

they ain't coming from a bitch but I got em

I got problems 

and I don't ever know how I got em."


"Every lyric is analytical observation

airing out what other rappers couldn't think of sayin

self awareness the clearest form of actualization 

have some merit and stare at the shit you think you facing

it's in the mirror you fear of not reaching expectations

the here and now can be a hero so adhere to Maintnance 

put the work in, purpose, patience.." 

problems official COVER ART.png

"we in a state of emergency 

imma stay by you while you keep hurting me

I don't need no escape, no I don't feel uncertainty 

I can't get enough, how could you burden me?

I ain't feeling too great, but I can take what doesn't murder me 

the 1st, the 2nd, or the 3rd degree."

state of emergency

"I hate to see you cry 

it's my job, I'm assigned 

to get them water works to dry 

if you ever feeling down I got some ways to get you high

when I make you die of laughter that's the most you feel alive."

state of emergency cover art.jpg

"you want some of me, I just wanna  focus on my California dream

too many masking who they really are beneath 

too many actors, how can I believe 

she isn't just another shorty tryna make a scene 

cute little thing shorter than her self esteem." 

around you

"we could be a team 

play no games don't stay on the defense 

show me what you bring 

will this romance last more than a weekend 

tell me what you think 

could it be the drink?

or do I really need.. need to be around you."

around you cover art.png

"you'd run through fire if you cared for me 

apparently you want to burn me to a rare degree 

if I'm with somebody else you'd live through her vicariously 

I'm moving on but not moving forward 

commitment can't be looking like no kinda sorta 

but my heart couldn't take no more I made a order 

leave my shit alone she became aorta

all the songs I'm making for ya.. or about ya 

I know I dint leave you how I found ya 

don't know how to

I could level you up or I could ground ya 

stuck in the past, she love nostalgia."

when ur ready

"too many drives to the hills

traffic sitting at a still, still I get in my feels

thinking that the split don't appeal 

to me and now I see I gotta heal

stepping on me in them heels

looking like a whole fucking meal

what's the deal?

just hit me when your ready

hit me on the phone, got my number I don't wanna be alone so 

hit me when your ready 

no one get me where I want so I'm hoping that you holler on the low low."

when ur ready cover art jpg.jpg

"name a place and time 

you can hit me up when the sun don't shine 

ain't no thang, pay no mind

tiny bit of change may help you unwind

get you out your way, lets vacay

7 day stay, a little get away just you and I 

flights on flights 

touch down where you like it when we up in the sky."


"tell me where you like it

what's your favorite city?

you like it private when I take you with me 

you so fine you make the angle pretty 

I'd let you play me then I'd make you win me 

I'm so creative I'll show you how we can make a memory."

unwind cover art.png
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